Experience the Mars Lifestyle through Astroland Agency

You won’t actually be leaving the planet, but you can still experience what it might be like to live on Mars through Astroland Agency. The excursion takes you on an underground expedition that is meant to simulate an extraterrestrial voyage to the Red Planet.

The trip takes you to a cave in the Cantabrian Mountains in northern Spain. Over the course of three days and nights, guests live in the Ares Station—a “scientific Space Center that mirrors the harsh conditions” that are thought to exist on Mars. “The Martian environment is very hostile with low temperatures, strong winds, and high levels of solar radiation, which means the most suitable way of maintaining human life is under the Martian surface,” explains David Ceballos, Astroland CEO. “These Cantabrian caves are the perfect location for similar conditions for these trials.

Astroland Agency is Your House on Mars

The lab measures 164 feet high and 3,900 feet long and comes fully equipped to conduct research. The base hosts life capsules and a hydroponics lab, as well as 3D printers, meters, sensors, and survival kits. There’s also a gym, leisure areas, and a kitchen. Each guest is fit in made-to-measure astronaut suits and technical clothing for various missions. There is also food supplies specifically adapted to each crew member. There are even robot explorers to help with different missions. The Ares Station has “everything necessary to test all the technologies and human performance capabilities needed for 10 people to live on Mars.” Participants are also granted online access to aerospace experts and psychologists, such as Gabriel Gonzalez de la Torre, a doctor of Neuropsychology at the University of Cadiz or Inigo Munoz Elorza, an instructor of astronauts in the European Astronaut Center, which is part of the European Space Agency.

The first expedition has already been held, but you can book your own experience through TripAdvisor. There are four expeditions planned through November, with each experience costing $6,800.

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