Filter Arkitekter’s Hideout – Hytte Sirdalen

Filter Arkitekter’s Hideout – Hytte Sirdalen
March 20, 2017 Quoc Phan

Filter Arkitekter’s Hideout – Hytte Sirdalen

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Just by looking at the images, this place looks like a cosy one to live in. The Hytte Sirdalen is a cottage located in Sirdal, Norway that was designed by Filter Arkitekter. And as it’s in the middle of the snowy Scandanavian weather, it needs to be cosy.

In the future, this house will be lost in all the terrain and become not very visible. Most the interior is concrete design, which gives off a contemporary feel. There are two floors, where the lower floor contains a garage, storage, sauna and living room.

The main floor is split up into four equivalent bedrooms surrounding a large common room. The common room is backed against the terrain and aligned towards the south with a façade opening. The height difference in the floor divides the kitchen and dining space from the common room. It might be dull outside, but you will feel very comfortable on in the inside.

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