Ford Max Motor Dreams Smart Crib – The Crib That Will Get Baby to Sleep

If you are a new parent, you have probably taken a trip or two around the block with your newborn, desperate to do whatever it takes to get the little one to sleep—even if that means getting up at 2 AM to take a drive with the baby. Now, thanks to innovation from an unlikely source, you won’t have to make any more middle-of-the-night trips in your PJ’s to get your baby to sleep.

baby in the ford max motor dreams crib

Ford, the same company that makes the Mustang and the Focus, just introduced a crib that simulates the experience of a ride in the backseat. Ford’s Spain designers recently unveiled the Max Motor Dreams Smart Crib. This crib, designed to make new parents lives a little easier, simulates the sounds and movements of a car to help lure babies to sleep.

ford max motor dreams crib music

The Max Motor Dreams Crib has speakers at the bottom that make muffled engine noises. It also has LED lights that are designed to mimic the soft glow of streetlights. The crib also features gentle movement that rocks baby to sleep.

This crib even comes with an app that tracks your vehicle’s route so that it can reproduce a real car ride for your baby. Rather than a generic simulation, this smart crib replicates a real car ride around the block.

baby sleeping ford max motor dreams crib

The Ford Max Motor Dreams is still in the conceptual stage. Only one has been produced so far. However, Ford says that they have gotten so much interest in this crib that they are considering producing it on a mass scale in the future.

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