FuckJerry’s Soho Office Mixes Business and Pleasure

Odds are you’re on Instagram, which means there’s a good chance you’re familiar with FuckJerry (aka Elliot Tebele) and his endless supply of memes, photoshops, and inspirational tweets. However, what you might not know is that FuckJerry is far more than just a massively popular dude on the Internet, even if he started out that way. Indeed, what began as a guy with an instinct for digital humour has since grown into a full-blown digital marketing agency and product line, complete with its own tequila brand. Meanwhile, the FuckJerry office is the stuff that modern workplace fantasies are made of.

fuckjerry soho office library

Located in New York City’s Soho District, FuckJerry’s 6,500-square-foot office combines open space, industrial accents, and modern materials to absolutely brilliant effect. It was all brought to life by interior designer Fiona Byrne, who struck the perfect balance between professionalism and playfulness. Specifically, she and the FuckJerry team wanted a workspace that felt more or less like a hip, spacious New York apartment. Mission: accomplished.

fuckjerry soho office bleachers

Picture arched ceilings and exposed brick walls, but also minimalist colours, trippy wallpaper patterns, modern artwork, and a disco ball hanging over a conference table. Is there a bar? Of course. But there’s a library as well. Additionally featured is an open space adorned with rows of smooth wooden bleachers, which aren’t just for show, as FuckJerry routinely hosts live performances. Needless to say, New York has come a long way since the days of Mad Men, and so too have the city’s workspaces.

Check it out

fuckjerry soho office meeting room

fuckjerry soho office conference room

fuckjerry soho office drinking water room

fuckjerry soho office sitting room

fuckjerry soho office dining room

fuckjerry soho office cooking room

fuckjerry soho office study room

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