ALDI’s $249 Chic Leather Scandinavian Couch

Is there anything you can’t get at Aldi? Increasingly the evidence says no.

Fruit and veggies? Sure. Milk and bread? Obviously. Biscuits that look like the biscuits you used to eat but have a weird name? Yes of course. But there’s so much more. At Aldi you can buy everything from children’s books to acoustic guitars to lava lamps to Scandinavian-style sofas.

Yes, that’s correct: Aldi is in the furniture game, and the introduction of the $249 two-seat sofa proves that as always, they’re all about value.

Coming in grey polyester or the positively decadent tan faux leather – which is far more animal-friendly than real leather anyway – it’s a gorgeous addition to any ensemble, and apparently ideal for “small spaces”, so you can pretty much shove it in anywhere you like.

The couch is part of Aldi’s “Mid Century Living” range of products for people who wish to live in the style of people from the mid century. With sofas, chairs and baskets to listen to Sinatra in, it’s a boon for anyone looking to emulate the Rat Pack on a budget.

Once again, we have to say: kudos Aldi. You have shown us the true meaning of German efficiency, and made markets more super than ever.