BDI Sola Lift Standing Desk Makes for the Perfect Office Upgrade

To sit or to stand? That is the question. And thanks to BDI, the answer remains fluid. We previously sang praises about the brand’s Sequel Lift Desk, and the new Sola Lift Standing Desk is no less exceptional. In fact, with its all-natural hardwood surface of toasted walnut, this brilliant office essential might be even greater than its sturdy glass predecessor. Pair the elegant aesthetic with effortless height customisation, efficient wire management, and a handy pull-out drawer, and you’re looking at the perfect office upgrade, indeed.

We recently tested Sola out and we’re in love, to say the least. You’ll be in love, too, especially when you start reaping the ergonomic benefits. After all, sitting for hour after hour every day isn’t just monotonous, it’s bad for your health. On the flip side of that coin, standing for the same length of time isn’t necessarily advisable, either. With the Sola Lift Standing Desk at your disposal, you have the power to choose between various heights at the mere push of a button. The result isn’t just a better desk, it’s a better you.

BDI Sola Desk wall


Designed by Matthew Weatherly—whose work is heavily influenced by Danish modern style—BDI’s Sola is accordingly minimalist. Sitting upon two supremely sturdy legs, the desk doesn’t occupy one iota of space more than necessary. It’s most distinguishing feature is the handsome walnut surface, which hosts a natural grain pattern. Between that and Sola’s smooth, rounded edges, the desk blends with or elevates virtually any office space.

BDI Sola Desk rear

If you’re worried about wires or cables getting in your way, Sola quickly puts those concerns to rest. That is to say, the desk comes equipped with a smartly designed wire management system. Included in the system are a channel for your computer cords and velcro straps underneath the desk surface. Having thought of everything, BDI even concealed a power strip management ledge behind the modesty panel.

BDI Sola Desk drawer

Also featured on Sola is a practical pull-out drawer, which can double as a pad for your keyboard or mouse. If you need more room for things like your printer or papers, BDI offers a separate Mobile File Cabinet.

In designer Matthew Weatherly’s own words: “Sola is designed with a more sculptural, organic feel. I also wanted the desktop to have a tactile quality that encourages consumers to touch and feel the surface, while offering premium materials that could be found in more sophisticated office spaces.”

BDI Sola Desk 5


BDI consistently shines in the performance department, and Sola is no exception. Subtly affixed to the front of the desk is a digital keypad, which controls the height. You can install the keypad on either side of the desk, and even program it to remember specific measurements. Speaking of which, Sola’s height ranges from 24.5” to 49.5,” giving you plenty of variables to work with. It all goes down at the mere touch of a button. Things couldn’t possibly get any easier.

BDI Sola Desk

Seriously, whether you’re sitting, standing, or striking some sort of mid-way ninja pose, Sola is dutifully ready to accommodate any scenario you can throw its way. Usability is the operative word here, and on that front, the desk comes up aces across the board. That it never breaks down or emits the slightest technical hiccup is also a major plus. Put simply, this is as versatile and dependable as office furniture can get.

BDI Sola Desk keypad


Odds are you already know about the numerous benefits of a standing desk. It’s then no surprise that a fairly broad market for this kind of furniture has emerged, which comes predictably overpopulated with cheap shortcuts and inferior products. By contrast, Sola is the genuine article, in that it’s resoundingly functional, sturdy, streamlined, and sophisticated. If like us, you have a thing for smooth hardwood, minimalist furniture, and steadfast performance, this is most definitely the standing desk for you.

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