Design.Online Brings Modular Furniture into the 21st Century

Design.Online is a new Australian furniture label aiming to redefine the way we shop for our homes. Offering premium and original modular furniture at affordable prices with three-hour shipping for metro areas, you could potentially have a brand new living room come lunchtime.

Design.Online is an off-shoot of respected furniture label King Living. Driven by a young, dynamic creative team using repurposed materials that are bi-products from King Living manufacturing, this new label is crafting furniture that’s kind to both the planet and your bank balance.

design online bed

Design.Online has just launched its first range consisting of three core products – the SmartSofa, Sleep800 Mattress, and the Flex Bed. A dining range for indoor and outdoor use is to follow.

The SmartSofa features a modular design that’s customisable to the size and shape of your living room. Thanks to its removable arms, backs and seat platforms, this clever lounge can be reconfigured as a left or right chaise, a three-seater, or a two-seater with a chair. It also easily converts two modules into a single bed, or four modules into a comfortable queen for two.

design online bedding

Switching up the firmness of the Sleep800 Mattress is as easy as unzipping the cover and flipping the mattress to toggle between the memory foam and high-density foam layers. The foam is breathable thanks to its unique airflow construction that allows for increased airflow and temperature regulation for a more comfortable sleep. Constructed out of polyurethane foam which can be reconstituted at the end of its life, the Sleep800 mattress comes with a 120-night guarantee – try it, and if you’re not completely satisfied Design.Online will arrange a pickup and refund.

design online modular couch

The Flex Bed has been constructed with a steel-frame base. This strong foundation ensures the bed won’t squeak and rattle, but the deceptively simple design adds a sleek focal point to any bedroom. Flex’s headboard comes padded with premium foam and is upholstered in stain-resistant and machine washable fabric. There’s also an upholstered base, so you don’t kick your shins getting up in the middle of the night, and every fabric component is removable and replaceable.

For those who understand the importance of sustainability, all of the materials – from the packaging to the foam in the bed mattress – have been carefully selected to minimise the impact on the environment. All packaging can be recycled or reused. Additionally, Design.Online will donate any unwanted items that are still usable to one of its charity partners at no charge, while $5 from every order goes straight to charity.

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