It’s Clearly an Elite X1 Everest Glass Pool Table

A pool table made out of glass and slate sounds completely impractical for a number of immediate reasons. Broken, dangerously sharp shards from a hard bank shot seems like an obvious one, as do chipped pool balls and the generally loud clattering a hard surfaced table like this would create with every shot, like throwing a bag full of rocks into a bath tub over and over again. And then you see the Elite X1 Everest Pool Table in action and your whole perspective changes entirely—perhaps because you can now watch an entire game of pool while laying underneath the table itself.

elite x1 pool ball in the table

Designed to look as if you are playing pool in mid-air, the Elite X1 Everest Pool Table is the ultimate in modern pool table design, leaving all who lay eyes on it speechless and amazed by it’s reinvention of an old bar game. Not only is the transparent playing surface of the pool table incredibly thick and virtually unbreakable, it is covered by a patented material called Vitrik, which mimics the felt of a classic pool table, replicating the natural rolling resistance. This material retains this roll resistance for it’s lifetime as well, so real felt will probably wear out more quickly.

elite x1 pool table side view

There are also an endless number of finishes, so that the ultra modern Elite X1 Everest can more seamlessly match the décor of your home, bar or office space. Just be sure to pull the trigger quickly on purchasing one of these high-end pool tables—they only produce five per year total.

Check it out

elite x1 pool table bottom

elite x1 pool table angled shape

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