Every Writer Needs the Olly Desk

Zegen’s Olly desk is set up perfectly for writers. The table comes with only one, small drawer that is located in the middle of the desk, but the other features make up for that lack of drawer space. The desk top, which is made of tinted veneer, features ergonomic slots for small office supplies. You’ll be able to keep writing utensils and other typical office supplies in these slots, which will keep your workspace clean and organized. There’s a slot that allows for your phone to be kept in a vertical position rather than lying on the desk—again, a space-saving feature but also an efficiency that allows you to easily see your phone when alerts and messages come through. Those same slots are large enough to put your tablet into as well. Both sides of the desk offer the same set up of slots for utensils and technology. A cut-out in the middle of the table allows wires and cables for a laptop or computer to be passed through.

laptop on the olly desk

The top comes with ten different options for color. The legs and exposed slots on the top are of ash. The desk is clean and simple, allowing you to be organized without any distractions to keep you from writing. The desk has a modern feel to it, making it fit in with just about any interior design.

laptop on the olly desk top view

olly desk space saving feature

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