The Fil Mass Series Dining Chair is a Symphony of Material

Japan’s Fil makes furniture that doesn’t just stand out, but sings with absolute craftsmanship and naturalism. Accordingly, their new Mass Series Dining Chair juxtaposes wood, metal and cushioning to resoundingly harmonious effect. It’s the kind of upholstery that wears its own quality and creation on its sleeve, and can likewise elevate any interior with ease.

fil mass seat made from oguni cedar wood

Brimming with artisanship, the Mass Series Dining Chair makes you more comfortable just by looking at it. A backrest and seat made from Oguni cedar wood is joined by copper-finished metal tube framing and a pair of Maharam 008 Sycamore fabric cushions. Put it all together and you have a symphony of form and material.

fil mass back side

With the Fil Mass Series Dining Chair, think simple, beautiful, relaxing, airy and elegant. Think natural and optimal, too. Most importantly, think comfortable. Really, really comfortable.

Check it out

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