FYRN Flat Packed Furniture – An Alternative to Cheap

Tired of disposable IKEA furniture but can’t afford the more expensive stuff? Fyrn are here to help. The new company, based out of San Francisco, just released a line of affordable flat-packed furniture that is designed to survive through multiple moves.

Fyrn’s unique brand of high-quality, chic furniture is growing rapidly thanks to their well-pitched price points, having just released their first line of products, named Stemn. This product line consists of a series of seats, ranging from dining chairs to kitchen bar stools. Flat-packed on arrival, they are robust and easy-to-assemble.

fyrn flat packed furniture coffee color

The chairs feature a modern, industrial aesthetic, made with high-quality materials like custom leather and blonde oak. Differing from other flat-packed chairs because they were built to last, these are pieces that you can own for many years, designed to cop a bit of wear and tear. Making them so durable is the innovative Stemn bracket, which allows them to ship in a flat-pack and also maximises rigidity, ensuring they are built to last. Available in several finishes including matte silver, copper bronze, graphite, and black, the Stemn brackets are both durable and replaceable.

fyrn furniture ships in flat pack

Though Fyrn’s furniture ships in flat-pack form, and was designed to be easily assembled at home, they do offer the option to have the chairs fully assembled and delivered to you in their final form, ready to rock, a great option if IKEA has ever been the cause of a break-up.

Since Fyrn has received a lot of enthusiasm about its products, the retailer plans to expand their offerings to include furniture for every room in the house.

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