The Herman Miller Smart Office Furniture with Live OS Is Like a Fitbit for Your Desk

We sit all day—at school, at work and in our cars. It’s well known that sitting for the majority of the day is bad for your health. In fact, some experts think that sitting still for extended periods of time is one of the worst things that you can do for your health. This is a problem that furniture maker Herman Miller hopes to solve. The Herman Miller Smart Office Furniture with Live OS is like a wearable for your desk.

The Smart Office Furniture with Live OS uses sensors to relay how a workspace is being used. The sensors come installed on Herman Miller desks. They can also be retrofitted to any existing work surface to transform it into “smart” office furniture. The sensors collect data constantly which is tracked and accessed through a dashboard. This provides insight into how the spaces are being used.

the herman miller smart office

Through a connected app, you can set preset preferences, such as desk height. You can bring up your preferences at any connected sit-to-stand desk by just tapping a button. The Smart Office Furniture also allows you to set activity goals, such as stand for 15 out of every 60 minutes. The chair and desk will monitor your position and when it is time to stand up, remind you with a gentle vibration.

Although the primary goal of Smart Office Furniture is to encourage employees to be healthier, it can also provide employers with valuable information, such as determining where and how people are working. This can help them maximise efficiency by designing spaces better.

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