IKEA Gives University Students Allen Keys, Says “Go Crazy”

IKEA has partnered with the University of Technology Sydney, challenging students to personalise the latest range of open-source sofas to demonstrate how the furniture meets the needs of modern Aussies.

DELAKTIG is IKEA’s open-source sofa concept that debuted earlier this year. It’s developed in collaboration with renowned British designer Tom Dixon, based on his vision to create a furniture platform that evolves with the customer.

“DELAKTIG is an experiment that challenges the conventional methods of creation and distribution of furniture and explores the notions of adaptability and future-proofing,” says Tom Dixon. “Ultimately, DELAKTIG celebrates sustainability, longevity, flexibility and creativity.”

ikea sofa use aluminium frame

The sofa range begins with an aluminium frame and allows for personalisation through clip-on items, such as side tables and lamps. To demonstrate the versatility of DELAKTIG, IKEA hosted a 48-hour innovation workshop, challenging UTS students to use the platform to solve everyday home struggles in Australia. Their designs generally reflect the desire for personal space in smaller homes, the impact of technology and the need for the home to continually evolve.

You can see from the images below the UTS students went for functionality over aesthetics. I’m positive there’s a joke in their about flat-pack furniture requiring a degree to assemble,  although I’m not clever enough to word it right.

IKEA is expanding DELAKTIG in 2019, this time by challenging thinking and conventions of the modern bed. DELAKTIG 2.0 brings Tom Dixon’s innovative approach to the bedframe, responding to new ways of living, driven by urbanity, new technology and changing values.

In the meantime, IKEA is taking over bachelor pads and throwing in a skateboard for good measure.

Check it out

ikea sofa interior design

ikea sofa designed by university students

student assembling furniture

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