IKEA Packs Up Your Furniture for More Space

Urban dwellings are almost all marked by one characteristic—a decided lack of space. As more and more people flock to major metropolitan areas, space is becoming even more of a rarity. Having furniture that functions in a limited environment is a necessity. Urban dwellers can’t afford to take up huge amounts of real estate with couches and mother pieces.

IKEA has released the RAVAROR—a new collection that is designed to turn small spaces into smart spaces with packable furniture.

IKEA furniture urban lifestyle

IKEA of Sweden’s Creative Leader, Viveca Olsson, explains, “There is a rapidly growing urban population and people are living in smaller spaces as well as moving more often than before. With RAVAROR we wanted to create a few key items that have a new level of versatility, functionality, and simplicity. And when it’s time to move, it should be easy to pack everything up, stake them together, and relocate to your next home.”

IKEA packable modular furnishing

The system works like this. The furniture—so far IKEA is offering 20 products that include a daybed and sofa, tables, mini kitchen, storage boxes, textiles, and lighting—can all be packed up onto a storage solution set on casters. When you need a sofa, simply roll it to where you need it and unpack the cart. When you’re done, pack it back up and it’s out of the way. Or if you’re moving, simply roll your furniture to your new home. The convenience of mobility can play a large role in providing the space you need, or in helping you move on.

IKEA Brings Packable Modular Furnishings Into The Urban Jungle 3

“Our starting point and creative idea was the reality of urban life,” stated Olsson. “We asked ourselves, ‘what is needed to turn a small space, such as 12 square meters, into a home? And what is needed to create that homely feeling even though you might be moving on to a new place soon?’”

The RAVAROR line will be released globally in September, 2020.

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