IKEA X Tom Dixon Unveil Modular Furniture With DELAKTIG

Swedish furniture maker IKEA has always emphasised the importance of versatility and approachability, however their latest output takes those concepts to all sorts of wonderful extremes. With help from British designer Tom Dixon, IKEA has introduced DELAKTIG, a range of modular furniture and accessories that are essentially endless in terms of configuration and possibility. As a result, people are able to continually customise their interiors in accordance with their own shifting needs and desires. Interior design has quite simply never been so permutational (if that’s not already a word, it is now).

ikea x tom dixon furniture book rack and sofa

DELAKTIG translates to “being involved”, and the new range accordingly prompts customers to take a proactive approach to decor. Each piece in the collection is built on an aluminium frame, enabling prime flexibility. Also part of the package are clip-on items like side tables and lamps, which like the furniture itself remain fluid in their potential. Whether you want to convert a side table to a workstation, swap backrests between various pieces, or change the entire aesthetic of a given space, DELAKTIG is your friend.

ikea x tom dixon furniture blue color sofa

Needless to say, Dixon and IKEA were consciously aiming for a collection that’s as beautiful in presentation as it is democratic in concept. In Dixon’s own words: “You get married or you split up, and you might want a different configuration. Or, maybe you’re renting out a spare room to somebody. Don’t chuck DELAKTIG away if you’re finished with it – turn it into something else, something new. Or save it for the children so they can take it with them when they move out.” In other words, we live in times of boundless creativity and conscious conservation. IKEA and Dixon have stepped in to combine the two with steadfast precision. Who are we to argue with that?

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