The Mackenrow Ping Pong Table from Jory Brigham

Furniture maker Jory Brigham grew up surrounded by skilled woodsmen and developed his craft at an early age. Now a master of his trade, Brigham eschews mass production in favour of raw materials and a discernible hands-on approach. This is a man who respects his wood, and such painstaking artisanship produces a tangible bond between maker and made. However, don’t take that intense methodology to mean the dude can’t have a little fun. For proof of Brigham’s whimsier side, look no further than the Mackenrow Ping Pong Table. Made from smooth walnut and cheekily named for tennis star John McEnroe, the table exudes a retro vibe without losing its elegant stride.

men practice mackenrow ping pong table

In spite of its fun-loving foundations, the Mackenrow Ping Pong Table is nevertheless a legitimate triumph at first sight. A converted walnut dining table is tastefully accentuated by a strip of orange and brass inlay. The net is a classic Danish weave flanked by a hand-crafted wooden perimeter. The whole thing is as clever as it is functional and a guaranteed eye catcher. Gather your friends, host a dinner and play ping pong all in one place.

Check it out

mackenrow ping pong table side view

mackenrow ping pong table net

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