Meet Your New Throne: The BassamFellows Sling Club Chair

Lifestyle brand BassamFellows might very well have created the perfect sitting chair. Dubbed the Sling Club Chair, the furniture was designed with only the utmost level of comfort in mind. Structurally, it’s a magnificent display of focused craftsmanship, seeking a Zen-like balance between the plush leather seat and spare-but-sturdy reinforcement. This is the kind of domestic throne you won’t be letting others occupy whether you’re home or not.

bassamfellows sling club chair grain aniline leather seat

Indeed, the BassamFellows Sling Club Chair might be best viewed as a study in premium seat-based ergonomics. A natural grain aniline leather seat with reclining back is positioned atop plated steel tubes and suspended in a cubic four-post frame of wood and steel. Stitched leather straps at the top rail and seat deck keep everything firmly intact. Most importantly, underneath that leather exterior is premium feather and down-layer topping and dual density foam cushioning.

bassamfellows sling club chair all over view

The result is what BassamFellows likes to call “composed comfort”. That is to say the Sling Club Chair achieves the ideal meeting ground between support and design. Visually, the dreamy brown leather beckons from across the room. Physically, the chair is an absolute seductress, obliging you to pour yourself a quality dram, grab an iPad or book and lose yourself for hours at a time. Needless to say, the BassamFellows Sling Club Chair is upholstery at its finest.

Check it out

bassamfellows sling club chair back

bassamfellows sling club chair side

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