It’s not from ACME, but the Void Rug Still Brings to Mind Looney Antics

If you grew up watching Looney Tunes on Saturday mornings, then you’ll know all about the ACME corporation. A tried-and-true gag was to order a package of holes or just paint a hole on a wall or in the road in an attempt to catch the Road Runner. Inevitably, these tricks backfired on the coyote. The Void Rug, however, won’t leave you hanging.

acme void rug circle or a rectangle

Available as either a circle or a rectangle, the Void Rug, when viewed from the correct angle, creates the illusion of there being a hole in your living space or hallway. Because the rugs used classic geometric designs and simple colors, the rugs can fit in with just about any interior design. The rugs are made of 100 percent merino wool and are hand tufted, meaning they not only look nice, but will take a beating as well.

acme void rug rectangle merino wool

Great as a conversation piece or just as a way to dress up your room in a comical and classic way, the Void Rugs will stand out no matter where you use them.

Check it out

acme void rug men covered his eyes by hand acme void rug black color acme void rug interior acme void rug like as grave

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