Peek inside the Desk with Many Secrets

Yanko Design has done it again with the Desk of Many Secrets. This functional piece of furniture is an impressive mix of practicality and art.

Engineered to be a place that a user can spend a lot of their time during the day, designer Pasque Dudley Mawalla crafted this desk as a woody, concealing piece that has a multitude of hidden features. These additional pieces elevate the functionality of this piece and increase its usability greatly.

peek desk side view desk

The first secret feature is hidden by a leather strap, that leads you to a storage compartment that’s big enough to hold the contents of your bag, writing or art utensils, or much more. Divided into seven sections of varying sizes, this secret storage panel keeps your items safe and organized.

peek desk secret compartment

Pushed further back, towards the rear of the worktop is a gray section that stands out against the rest of the wood-grain. Tucked away beneath the oddly colored panel are power sockets and the accompanying cords to eliminate the hassle and clutter that comes along with them being exposed.

peek desk top view desk

Less of a secret, and more of a trick, the final display this desk has in store is within the legs. The legs can be adjusted to multiple angles and lengths to alter the height and position of the table making it comfortable and customizable for any user.

This truly is an impressive piece of furniture that provides ample entertainment for someone who is confined to a desk all day.

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