Gus X Pendleton Chairs May Be Your New Favorite Seat

There really is nothing quite as satisfyingly comfortable as a great chair to park your ass after a long day – a good chair not only supports you for hours while you watch sports, do the crossword or get stuck into a good book, but also ties the room together. A lot of it is the overall construction of the chair itself, how it is built to sit in for an extended period of time, but a lot also has to do with it’s cushioning and comfort. And that’s why these limited edition chairs from Pendleton may be your next great seat you will own for years.

gus x pendleton rocking chair

Best known for their high end American wool, Pendleton partnered with the furniture designers Gus* Modern to create three different chairs of sleek modern design and classic comfort. The Gus* Pendleton Halifax Rocker is an armchair with thin arms and legs and a cushy seat and back; the Gus x Pendleton Elk Chair is your classic Southwestern high backed lounge chair with ample support; and the Gus x Pendleton GT Rocker, a cushy rocking chair with a narrow steel rocker built beneath it. The repeat theme here is the cushiness and comfort with each chair, which is what Pendleton does best, along with high-end design.

Finally a chair you can fall asleep in and still look classy.

Check it out

gus x pendleton two handle chair

gus x pendleton chair high end american wool

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