Set the Mood with JLA M.1 BlackxBlack

Top-end speakers that look this good are hard to come by, and always pique our interest – valuing function as much as form and challenging the norms of industrial design.

The JLA M.1 BlackxBlack end table has a modern, sleek appearance that stands out without drawing attention to itself. Made of Baltic birch with a black finish and brass details, the BlackxBlack is subtle. Its simple shape emphasises its elegance, and it’s size (18” wide, 18” high, and 18” deep) makes it match up with any furniture.

jla m.1 blackxblack modern sleek appearance

When it comes to music, the BlackxBlack delivers. Able to stream most services, including iTunes, Airplay, Spotify, Pandora, iHeart Radio, and TuneIn, the speaker is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows, and MacOS. BlackxBlack features a 2-way, full range bass reflex, bi-amplified system. The speakers themselves feature an 8” aluminum cone with butyl surround woofer and a 1 1/8” ferrofluid cooled dome tweeter. With this set up, you’ll be rocking or chilling, listening or setting the mood.

jla m.1 blackxblack cookie cutter furniture piece

JLA makes all products to order, so you know that your BlackxBlack won’t be some cookie-cutter furniture piece. It will individualized to your needs.

Check it out

jla m.1 blackxblack aluminum cone

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