The Herman Miller Cosm Office Chair by Studio 7.5 Gets Philosophical

With questions like, “What shape is gravity?” “How quick is color?” “How much does movement weigh?” “How long is comfortable?” “How simple is beauty?” and “Can micro be macro?” Herman Miller introduces their newest chair, the Herman Miller Cosm Office Chair by Studio 7.5. The chair is designed to answer one question: can a chair be so comfortable that people forget about gravity?

herman miller cosm chair with table

That’s a tall order to request. Gravity is one of the few constants that we deal with in life. To truly forget about gravity would require a space shuttle. Is it possible for Cosm to achieve such a feat? The design seems to indicate that, yes, it is possible. The basics of all chairs are there—you have a seat, a back rest (in both a short and tall version) and arm rests (a regular, hard version and another that shares the same cushioning as the back and seat). The chair appears adjustable and able to swivel.

herman miller cosm chair silver and blue

Studio 7.5, the brains behind the chair, has partnered with Herman Miller before on the award-wining Mirra Chair, Setu, and Mirra 2. The name “7.5” comes from their idea of outfitting a 7.5 ton truck as a model shop that can be driven from site to site. Their most rewarding projects have been designing office chairs. Given their innovative, out of the box approach to different challenges, it’s shouldn’t be surprising if the Cosm delivers on the mission of negating gravity.

Check it out

herman miller cosm chair for study

herman miller cosm chair back side view

herman miller cosm chair red color

herman miller cosm chair arm rest

herman miller cosm chair many items

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