The HiBed is High Tech Sleeping

Back in 2009, Hi Interiors introduced the HiCan smart bed—a bed that combined multimedia, sleep improving features, and Italian design. Now they’re ready to introduce the next generation: the HiBed.

hibed with monitor

HiBed, conceived by Italian architect and designer Fabio Vinealla, is essentially a sleeping environment that not only helps improve your sleep, but also your overall wellbeing. When you tuck yourself into the HiBed for a night’s rest, the bed will monitor your sleep quality and then report its findings to you in the morning via its companion mobile app.

The bed watches how you sleep and registers your biometric parameters, keeping a log of body weight and temperature, as well as monitoring temperature, air quality, and noise level.

HiBed with memory foam mattress

The base of the bed is adjustable and makes use of a memory foam mattress to offer you personalised comfort. The bed also features Wi-Fi, offline voice control, dimmable LED reading lights, a built-in 4k projector with a retractable 70-inch screen, invisible speakers, and floor lighting.

It also has HDMI ports so that you can connect multiple devices, from DVD players to game consoles. This isn’t just a bed for sleeping in, it’s also an escape where you can go to read, watch a movie, or just have some alone time. A smart alarm system can wake you up with audio notifications on news, weather, and your calendar.


The design of the bed is a perfect fit for just about any room. It’s polygonal shape creates a canopied look that gives the bed a mid-century modern appeal. You can choose from several wood and color combinations, and it comes with mattress sizes from Queen to California King. No word on pricing as of yet (the HiCan sold for $40,300), but join the waiting list now and be one of the first to completely change how you sleep—for the better.

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