The Lounge Mouse Pays Tribute to Charles and Ray Eames

At the end of a long day, there’s nothing quite like coming home to your favourite recliner, laying back, kicking off your shoes, and just lounging for a while. It’s not just that you’re not working anymore that makes this such an anticipated moment, it’s the sheer comfort of the chair. Shane Chen design took those same ideas and applied them to one of your most used tools during the day—your computer’s mouse.

side view the lounger mouse

Shane Chen drew inspiration from Charles and Ray Eames’s design classic, the Lounge Chair and Ottoman. This piece of furniture featured bent plywood, leather and plastic. The plywood was bent to create a cup shape where the leather pillow was placed. The mouse follows the same design. The bottom of the mouse is made of the bent plywood, which then contrasts with the leather top not only in terms of materials, but also colour.

The black leather makes the natural colours of the plywood pop even more, dressing up your workspace in classy elegance. The mouse addressed the ergonomics and function of a typical mouse—you still have the scroll wheel in the middle and under the padded leather you’ll find the right and left button functionality.

bottom view mouse

The mouse is currently only a concept, but hopefully that will change soon. Then you won’t have to wait until the end of the day to slip into some stylish comfort.

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