The Moto Rocker Adds Horsepower to the Old Single Horse Version

The rocking horse is a childhood staple that just got updated with the Moto Rocker. This rocker mimics the look and feel of the motorcycle in the garage. For those kids that want to cruise just like their old man, this is it.

moto rocker one cylinder

With a scaled model of a one-cylinder 125ccm engine, the Moto Rocker looks the part of being a child’s motorcycle. The gas tank, handlebars, headlight, tail light, and seat complete the look. You can choose between the café, brat, or track style as well as a plethora of paint schemes. Perfectly proportioned for the future rider, the Moto Rocker measures in at 875mm in length, 260mm in width, and 500mm in height and is suitable for children aged 1 and a half to 4 and up to 50 kilos. Each bike comes with a name engraved on the frame along with a serial number. Additionally, you can personalize the bike for either personal or business use. The bike is made of steel and bio-plastic, with leather for the seat.

moto rocker headlight

The bike is put together by industrial designer and creator Felix Monza. Heavily influenced by the arts and technology that he grew up around, Felix has worked as a model builder, metalsmith, and cabinet maker. Currently, Felix works in his self-titled company located in Leipzig where he uses CNC machining and handcrafting to come up with his products.

moto rocker silencer pipe

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