The Twist Shelf Knows Multitasking

LAWA has come up with a simple idea that should have been done years ago. Their twist shelf is a two-in-one shelf that serves multiple functions—it’s a piece of furniture that multitasks.

twist shelf hang jacket

The shelf starts as you might expect, as a flat board that attached to the wall. But midway through the shelf, it twists 90 degrees so that now the shelf is parallel to the wall rather than perpendicular. That’s a nice aesthetic, sure, but you’ve just lost all that shelving space. The twisted portion isn’t just about looks, though. It’s also a magnetic board that you can use as a knife strip or as a magnetic key holder. Used in the kitchen it can double as a spice rack and knife strip. At the door, you can hang your keys and stow your phone. Above your desk, place your work implements and tack up notes. The uses are endless.

side view twist shelf

Made of oak, the shelf is elegant and will fit in nicely with any style. You will want to treat it with a protective finish, like oil or varnish, but that will only add to the beauty of the wood. The shelf comes with screws and mounting.

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twist shelf with note