The Vinyl Table is Refined and Ready to Lighten Your Living Space

The same way that “vinyl just sounds better”, vinyl just looks better when presented the right way. HRDL has an intriguing mid century modern entrant into this race, and suggestion to all music lovers and décor enthusiast. This high class display cabinet is comprised of Valchromat wood and oak, with a succulent tambour door that ties the whole design together. The beauty of the stand will face guests with an important decision; do they look at the records on a display, or the stand itself.

full view vinyl table

What makes this item practical as well creatively designed is its utility. In addition to looking the part, The Vinyl Table has storage for 200 records, professional capacity amplifiers, cable management, and of course the record player itself. Measuring in at 120 cm by 45 cm The Vinyl Table is big enough to make a difference, but still small enough to fit into any decorative style or scheme.

These are the types of pieces that tie rooms together. Once you have your décor set up the way you want and need a finishing touch, The Vinyl Table is something to consider for any music lover or appreciator of good taste.

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