“Tidy Technician” is a Real Job Role at IKEA Australia

IKEA is known for its easily assembled furniture and organisation strategies and stepped up their game even more with a call for Tidy Technicians. “Do you have a flair for decluttering, an eye for organization, and a desire to tidy?” read the Facebook post calling for entrants. Tabitha Lage, Interior Designer for IKEA Australia explains, “We want to alleviate the stresses within the home so that Aussies can enjoy their space and live a better everyday life at home; improving their overall wellbeing. However, we can’t do it alone, which is why we’re looking for our next co-workers who can help us bring joy to the many homes of Australia.” Over 1,000 entries answered that call. That field has been narrowed down to just 10 people who are heading off to what can only be described as an organization boot camp.

Hej, do you have a flair for decluttering, an eye for organisation and desire to tidy? If so, we we’d love to hear from…

Posted by IKEA on Wednesday, January 22, 2020

“We know that storage is the biggest frustration for Australians,” Lage told 9Entertainment, “with common areas of the home including the bedroom, pantry, bathroom and children’s rooms. Each tidy technician will be equipped with four unique guides designed for each of the four areas of the home. These guides will include tips, tricks and selected IKEA products that they can adapt with their expertise as they go about tidying homes around Australia.” This is a much-coveted position—not just because you’ll be helping people organize their lives, but also because it pays $150 an hour.

For one of the 10 selected technicians, Christine Krkach, the job is an opportunity that aligns with her passions. “I’m really passionate about getting people organized, so I couldn’t miss applying for this program. It’s also a really great opportunity to refine my personal skills. I just want to help Australian families feel less stressed and get sorted.” If you’re on the look for a way to get organized, IKEA is also looking for you. You can submit your request on the IKEA Facebook page before February 12, and you just might be selected as one of 100 homes that the tidy technicians will visit. Winners will get a two-hour session with the technician as well as IKEA Tidy products valued at $300. And if you happen to be a Mary living in a condo or apartment, you could win a year’s worth of tidying services. So get organized and enter right away.

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