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Shelter desk

The Shelter Desk Definitely Comes from Tomorrow

They say that a cluttered desk is the sign of a genius mind at work. There may be some truth to that, but when you try to find something in that cluttered space, it won’t matter what your IQ is, you’re going to find it to be a frustrating experience. If you’re more the type that finds a bit of neatness and tidiness in order, then Tomorrow Furniture’s Shelter Desk is what you’ve been looking for.

Tomorrow furniture shelter desk front

Image: Tomorrow Furniture

The whole idea of the Shelter Desk is to help you get and stay organized. That organizational help starts with three front drawers. Slim though they may be, these drawers are still large enough to hold your electronic gadgets, be they tablets or laptops.

A drawer in the back helps to make cable management a reality. Because the desktop is kept slim, there’s plenty of space underneath for your legs or even other storage solutions. The desk is made of natural ash, giving it a warm, attractive quality.

Tomorrow furniture shelter desk charger hole

Image: Tomorrow Furniture

“This is a personal project I wanted to develop for a long time,” explains Joao Teixeira. “I’ve designed it with a minimal approach and dynamic lines aligning the angles of each component for a better fluidity.” That design makes this a piece that will fit right in with your office at work or your office at home—wherever you find yourself spending the majority of your days. In fact, Teixeira’s statement alone gives you some idea into the design quality and the functionality of this desk.

Perhaps it’s luck that such a design should emerge in the midst of people searching for home office solutions, but this wasn’t a project inspired by or even meant for that. Rather, it’s a design that will certainly stand the test of time, as will the quality material and construction used to make the Shelter Desk.

Check it out

Tomorrow furniture shelter desk lifestyle

Image: Tomorrow Furniture

Tomorrow furniture shelter desk back

Image: Tomorrow Furniture

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