zerobody anti gravity bed launched

The Zerobody Anti-Gravity Bed Is The New Frontier of Relaxation

If you’re like most modern men, you’re a little stressed out and in need of some good rest. The folks at Nu Relax have your back (no pun intended). Their latest offering, the Zerobody Anti-Gravity Bed, infuses the concept of relaxation with a whole new stratosphere of meaning. We’re not just talking about a lifestyle change here. This is more like Nu Relax pulled up to your house with a truck and dumped two tons of pure Zen directly into your bedroom.

In a nutshell, the Zerobody has economized the experience of sensory deprivation by taking out the wetness factor. Instead of floating in about a foot of meditation-inducing water, you can now sink into the warm embrace of a heated water-bed. The resulting sensation is of pure drift, as if you’re floating on a luxurious, cozy cloud. There’s simply no way to overstate the influence such an enhanced level of relaxation can have on your inner being. Read all the studies on proper rest and its affect on the brain and body if you don’t believe us.

zerobody anti gravity bed comfortable

Through consistent use of the Zerobody it’s not hyperbole to suggest that your inner being can be transformed in all sorts of great ways. You will be thinking more clearly, experiencing less stress, and maintaining a renewed sense of balance throughout the day. And let’s not forget: it’s a damn bed that makes you feel like you’re floating! How cool is that?!