G. Pinto’s ON Brings Modern Groove To Vinyl

With vinyl sales increasing worldwide, new pressing factories opening for the first time in decades to keep up with the demand, and music lovers worldwide ditching their iPods for LPs, it’s hard to believe that nobody has made this product up until now. This is the ON (an acronym of Old / New), designed by Giuseppe Pinto, the fella who gave die-hard tone junkies the H2A valve headphone amp many years back. What’s so impressive about this little unit is that it’s the world’s first plug & play turntable.

g pinto on brings modern vinyl system controller

The main problem with old (and new) record players is that that most modern amplifiers don’t incorporate a phono stage which is needed to amplify the record player’s output, and as a result one is generally required to either purchase a pre-amp, which is another piece of clunky equipment that can be pretty expensive, or source a whole new sound system. What Pinto has done is build an all-valve pre-amp into this tiny, handsome set-up. At only 6.5 centimetres tall, it’s an attractive addition to any room, and also has USB and Bluetooth capabilities, covering literally all bases. Whether you want to blast your favourite Spotify playlist from your phone or get nostalgic and listen to your first ever record, the G. Pinto ON has got you covered.

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