The Gentleman’s Pad: The New Peacocking

Through the eyes of a sophisticated woman, although we may be impressed by the dapper attire, fine watch and nice shoes of a charming gent at a swanky bar, the attraction quickly dwindles if we walk through the door of a poorly styled and obscenely cliché bachelor pad. If your pad is full of stark colours, adorned with oversized furnishings and littered with more gadgets than Radio Shack, follow these tips and your digs will be as slick as a modern day Patrick Bateman.

Similar to the concept of ‘peacocking’, home styling is about using décors, furnishing and colours to demonstrate that you posses a level of style and sophistication that extends beyond your pair of Italian brogues. If you’re one who assumes triumph when walking that special someone through the front door of your pad for the first time, be sure to create a lasting first impression – a well styled dwelling is a no-brainer.

Functionality is paramount when it comes to the humble abode and I recommend a lean towards simplicity. The less clutter in the pad, the easier it is to keep clean. A well-styled bachelor pad achieves a nice medium of comfort, style and simplicity. As previously mentioned, the three most important elements to achieving this are furnishings, colour and decors:


comfortable couch

Guys are naturally drawn to the big, plush and comfortable, particularly when it comes to lounges. Spending time in hotels Traveling for either business or pleasure, makes a great starting point for designing your home. Hotels are styled on the premise of comfort and functionality with a great degree of style. Channel this style and use your exposure to travel to draw inspiration and refine your preferences.

From my experience, lounges are one item most guys get wrong. The tendency is to lean towards huge lounges, often the ‘L’ shaped chaise in bold, block colours. Lounges in neutral shades, such as the featured Matt Blatt ‘Kolding Sofa’ are comfortable and pleasing to the eye. A lighter hue, such as a beige gives the visual illusion of spaciousness, which can allow you to get away with a slightly larger lounge, without overwhelming the space. I would advise to also steer clear of leather or suede as these furnishings in a manly environment are quite cliché and read a little greasy. Gents should utilize their own sense of style, fashion and personality to choose furnishings that meet more than just functional purpose. The look and ambience of your home says a lot about you, therefore personally, tailoring it to your style is important.


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Gents tend to lean towards dark, stereotypical masculine colours; big blocks of blues and reds. These in combination with overstated furnishings & technologies diminish the spatial feel of the room & omit a dull & sluggish energy. Channeling muted shades of greens and blues with grays, stone and beige hues, creates a manly & refined aesthetic, whilst creating the illusion of space. Utilising colours to create more space, minimizes the eyesore effect of big tv’s, speakers, gaming consoles and cords.



Decors are effective in adding an element of character to a male’s typically streamlined and simplistic abode. Retro styled technologies such as the featured Tivoli audio system are great for adding a touch of mad men and style, whilst also serving technological purpose. Retro adverts, abstract artworks and cityscape illustrations are also perfect for adding personality to the man cave. Desks are often a must, particularly for professionals, antique clocks, yacht models and world globes are great pieces to tie into your office space to elude your stature as a professional and ambitious man. Whilst it may seem feminine, soft furnishings such as cushions and rugs create a homely vibe. Cushions in stripes, chevron and greek key prints are masculine and will make your home feel comfortable, whilst also portraying a laid back and relaxed personality.  Rugs, such as basic beige or ratten also create a similar feel.

Incorporating your sense of style and personality into your home, will ensure your personality speaks through, as a first impression. As we all know first impressions can make or break, so tailoring your home to be reflective of the style you want to portray is just as important as peacocking with clothes and behaviours when it comes to swooning that special someone.

Written By: Ali Muir