Get a Grip on the Achilles Chef’s Knife by Sternsteiger Germany

Three years in the making, the award-winning Achilles Chef’s Knife is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. It was born out of the perennial demand for a sharp and trusty knife that remains firm in your grip no matter how long or hard you’re slicing and dicing. As such, the Achilles features a unique, ergonomic handle with a central opening for your thumb or index finger. The result is a revolutionary kitchen essential forged of prime steel and highlighted by its steadfast grip in the face of any activity. Indeed, even when your hands or the knife itself are wet, the Achilles never slips.

achilles chef knife full stainless steel

Representing a partnership between Sternsteiger Germany and UBUTT Designs, the Achilles marks the culmination of a long quest for the ideal kitchen knife. In fact, the knife’s creators are so preoccupied with perfection that the design is still being tweaked as of this article. That’s not to mention the numerous sketches drawn and ideas tossed around during development, all with the goal of crafting a chef’s knife that won’t slip out of your hand. Once the design was agreed upon, top of the line 3D printing technology was used to make prototypes during the testing phase.

achilles chef knife cutting edge

Between the recent accolades and striking design, it’s safe to say the Achilles makes good on its promise of cutting edge efficiency and a firm grip. Reportedly, the knife packs some discernible weight, but that’s certainly not going to intimidate any master chef’s that we know.

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