Get Organised with the Artifox Desk 02

Managing desk space can be a serious issue, particularly when each piece of technology has a cable that’s likely to tangle with every other cable and crowd your workspace. Artifox has designed a beautiful minimalist desk named ‘Desk 02’ that features built-in docks to manage your devices by moving the cables below the surface. The power board is situated under the desk at the back with a 4-socket adapter for all your charging needs. In fact, any tech with cables can benefit. Above the power board are ‘knots’ that hold smartphones and tablets in place and there’s space to insert any other cables below the surface.

 artifox desk 02 features lightweight design

Desk 02 features a lightweight design that utilises hardwood and steel for lasting durability. A rear notch adds support for mounting monitors while back below the surface pegs operate as hooks for storing personal items: headphones, hats, glasses, etc. If for some reason you require an all-terrain table, the feet are also adjustable for uneven surfaces. You have a choice of White Oak or White Oak + Bone colours. Desk 02 is available for $900. It’s made in the USA.

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 artifox desk 02 headphone place

 artifox desk 02 charging port