Get Your S#it Together with Base Valet Trays

Every desk, every sock drawer, dresser top, locker drawer, bedside table, TV tray, sitting area and what have you needs some extra help staying organized, tidy and fashionable. And while we’re pretty sure that you’ve probably tried using little trays to help you keep areas like these “Bomanized,” (an old Navy term for superficially tidy), we’re equally sure you haven’t used an organizing tray as nice as the Base Valet Tray.

base trays black

The Base Valet Tray can help you to finally get a handle on your ever-growing cache of jingling, jangling pocket items using an item with an unprecedented level of poshness. Each valet tray comes in your choice of black, orange, or gray. They are made from Polystone, a mysterious material which has the look and feel of ceramic. But they won’t shatter if you drop them, even though they also have the pleasing weightiness of ceramic.

base trays silver

These handsome and colorful valet trays are ideal for your desk or to beautify the entryway of your house, apartment, houseboat, Grumman Goose, or office. The valet tray is just large enough for a smartphone and a wallet, plus a few coins, some keys, a folding knife, a few .44 rounds, lip balm, or just about any pocket-sized thing that you’d be lost without out there in the wide and wooly world. And, as if these little guys weren’t stylish enough, Base has given their valet trays a small recessed side near the corner. This makes it easy to finger out your bank card, some coins, a condom, or whatever else you haven’t got time to use your thumb to pick up.

Get yours for $41.95 USD.

Check it out

base trays orange

base trays orange full view

phone key and coin on base valet trays

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