The Grandview Barrel Sauna Brings the Spa Home

Life is better with a sauna. You don’t need us to tell you that, though. You already know that there is no better way to sweat out toxins after a night out. Just like a smoky glass of scotch—these warm, cosy rooms heat your very core.

There is nothing quite like having your very own sauna right in your backyard. The problem is building one though. Unless you have some awesome construction skills, it is quite a chore. Almost Heaven Saunas has just introduced one of these excellent cedar-scented rooms that are as easy to build as putting together a piece of IKEA furniture.

grandview barrel sauna side view

The Grandview Barrel Sauna is easy to assemble. You just need a couple of hand tools that you probably already own anyway. With the help of a couple of your mates, you could have your backyard oasis in just a couple of hours time. After you put it together, you’ll have the satisfaction of bragging about your DIY skills.

grandview barrel sauna inside design

This barrel-shaped sauna can accommodate up to eight people. It is 3.6-meters long and crafted in a choice of aromatic wood—hemlock fir, Nordic spruce or western red cedar. There are a variety of add-ons that you can choose from including the option to upgrade from an electric heater to a wood-burning stove. A front canopy is also an option if you prefer a little more privacy and the look of a front porch.

Each Grandview Barrel Sauna comes with a bucket, stones, thermometer, and ladle. The only thing that you will need to do is step inside and enjoy.

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