Grovemade Titanium Minimalist Knife Keeps Design at a Minimum, not Function

Grovemade opted for a much more difficult manufacturing method when it came to their Grovemade Titanium Minimalist Knife. The simplicity of the knife’s appearance doesn’t do full justice to how difficult the knife was to actually produce. Rather than employing the traditional method of creating different layers of the blade and then stacking them together—called the “sandwich” method for obvious reasons—Grovemade instead machined the knife from a solid piece of titanium. That method meant that they not only had to cut out the profile of the blade’s handle from a single piece of titanium, but they also had to cut in the groove for the knife’s blade. Consider just how difficult that must have been to cut a precise groove in the ultra-hard titanium. This knife may look simple, but it’s nothing of the sort.

titanium grovemade knife

Each knife is solid titanium, making it strong, lightweight, and corrosion resistant. The markings of the manufacturing process are left on the blade as well, giving each a unique finish and character. Each blade is also engraved with the elemental symbol for titanium (Ti). There is no locking mechanism; instead, the knife employs a friction lock. You’ll need to keep you thumb on the back of the blade to keep it from closing. Eventually, the metal will patina as you continue to use the knife. The body measures 3.75 inches, with a 2.78-inch blade. Width comes in at 0.75 inches and thickness at 0.35 inches. All in all, the knife weighs 2.6 ounces.

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