How to Grow Lawn Furniture with a Simple TERRA! Pattern

The current process of manufacturing furniture takes quite a toll on the environment as it uses a ton of unsustainable materials and energy for every furniture item produced. Contemporary Italian design collective Nucleo wanted to see a more eco-friendly approach to furniture design. That is why they developed patterns that can allow anyone to grow their furniture. TERRA! Patterns can be used to grow anything from large sofas to small chair cushions. These furniture pieces give a glimpse of what sustainable outdoor furniture might look like in the future.

lawn furniture laser cut cardboard piece

TERRA! Patterns are essential kits that consist of laser-cut cardboard pieces that form a frame for the furniture. There are no tools or materials needed to construct the furniture. All that is required is a bit of time and effort. Customers just assemble the supplied cardboard flat pieces in criss-cross patterns. The pieces form a chair-shaped 3D frame that has a bunch of open spaces. To keep the frame together when it rains, you fill the open spaces with a pliable, stable substance like clay. Then, the frame is simply topped off with grass. Nature will then take its course, and after about two months the open spaces will be filled in with grass to form a piece of furniture. After that, the furniture will need to be trimmed with garden shears to maintain its shape.

lawn furniture look like grass grave

Do you want to try out our hand at making lawn furniture from the soil? If so, you are in luck! Nucleo is currently taking orders for their furniture patterns.

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