Hang Everything In Style With the Lift

Life can be too busy sometimes. When that is the case, you should probably turn to the Lift hook. The Lift is a smart and elegant way to help you do the impossible: declutter your life. Simply put, it is a small, subtle and effective wall hook which can hold a seriously diverse amount of items. Whether you need to store a bike, a shirt, a jump rope or anything else that may be hangable, the Lift hook has you covered.

lift 2

Composed of wood and steel, the Lift is stylish enough to hold a blazer, but sturdy enough to hold your mountain bike. It can pretty much be placed anywhere on a wall, and with a capacity of about fifty pounds, you should be good to go with any object that isn’t oddly heavy (a 55lb dumbbell for example). The Lift is also very small, so while the impact on your organization is large, the impact on your wall space is quite limited.

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