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Get Comfortable Gaming with Herman Miller’s Sayl Chair

If you find yourself changing postures and shifting positions while sitting in your chair, especially during long gaming sessions, then you may want to consider checking out the Sayl Chair Gaming Edition from Herman Miller. “With the power to move with you,” says Jon Campbell, the gaming business lead for Herman Miller. “Sayl plays to a gamer’s strengths while offering flexible support and comfort with a positive impact for the long game. It’s the perfect option for active players who can’t quite sit still.”

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So how does the Sayl Chair Gaming Edition work for people who struggle with staying in one seated position? First, the chair can be fine-tuned for a personalised fit regardless of your position, whether that be leaning forward, thoroughly engrossed in all the action, or reclining back to catch your breath during a quick break. The Sayl Chair’s arm height and width are adjustable, as are the seat depth and height. These adjustments help to alleviate the pressure on your legs while also allowing the seat to work in tandem with the backrest to give you the best support. You can also control forward tilt and recline with just the twist of a knob, and you can adjust the tension controlling the tilt just as easily.

The Sayle Chair uses the same engineering principles that go into suspension bridges. The original idea for the chair came from Yves Behar, who used an unframed back with a fabric made of elastomer threads for greater comfort and better support. The chair is available in black, red, green, purple, blue, and white. “We’re continuing to respond to the needs of the gaming community—not just in terms of ergonomics, but also aesthetics,” explains Campbell. “Sayl offers great value with a number of adjustable settings and a selection of exciting new color options. Any gamer can find a chair that fits both their preferences and their personality.” The Herman Miller Sayl Chair Gaming Edition is priced at USD$725.

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