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Hisense Threw the Ultimate Electronic House Party in Sydney

Hisense recently threw an electronic house party for the ages – but not the kind with DJ decks and thumping music till the wee hours of the morning. Fortunately for my ageing soul, it was more of a consumer electronics extravaganza than a wild rave. Hosted by renovation expert Barry Du Bois at the stunning waterfront Hisense Home in Malabar, Sydney, the brand invited me to experience and test out its latest innovations of 2023. And after spending an afternoon immersed in the world of futuristic TV ranges and home appliances, returning to my place felt like I had stepped into a time machine, transporting me back to the caveman era. Perhaps it’s time for an upgrade?

85 uxau better
The 85″ ULED X Mini LED X Series UXAU | Image: Hisense

After only a few hours exploring the 2023 range, it’s clear Hisense wants to push the boundaries of innovation, which is realised by the convenience and simplicity of each appliance. Whether we’re talking the new Mini-LED Pro and Mini LED XTV ranges that automatically switch on IMAX Enhanced when watching Disney+, a neat feature that automatically activates Game Mode when connected to a gaming console, or a dishwasher that intuitively opens when finished to ensure its contents are perfectly dry before emptying, these products have been designed with the user experience in mind.

For those that love a vino, the new wine fridge comes equipped with UV filtering and dual-zone temperature control, which allows users to maintain ideal cellaring conditions and temperature control for sparkling, white and red wine in the same fridge. The feature was put to good use at the event as James Robson from Ross Hill Wines served guests a delicious variety of drinks from Australia’s first carbon-neutral winery.

Hisense Black steel dishwasher
Black Steel Dishwasher with 15 place settings | Image: Hisense

As we all know, innovation is meant to make our day-to-day lives easier. And what was perhaps most astounding about the Hisense Home was the brand’s demonstration of the ConnectLife Smart App (which I was told was an Australian first). From the palm of my hand, I managed and monitored every smart home appliance in the house and kept tabs on energy and water usage. I’ll run you through a few key highlights so you get an idea of how the app can be used:

  • Refrigeration: Controlling all temperature and mode settings, including new features such as the super-freeze (which we used to make some delicious customised Magnum icecreams).
  • Dishwasher: Set and manage settings while also monitoring wash cycles to be alerted once completed.
  • Laundry: Manage settings including auto-wash and auto-dosing, pairing the washing machine and dryer modes to ensure energy and water-efficient cleaning and drying for all types of laundry, as well as monitoring and alerting when the cycles are finished.
  • Air Conditioning: Turning on and controlling temperature and other settings remotely (this feature is great if you want to arrive at a warm house on a cold winter night).
Heat Pump Dryer 9kg/ Front Load Washer 8kg – Series 7
Heat Pump Dryer 9kg/ Front Load Washer 8kg – Series 7 | Image: Hisense

Gideon Lui, Head of Marketing at Hisense ANZ spoke of how smart connectivity will play a significant role in enhancing the life of customers both today and in the future.

“While we’re always focused on delivering aesthetically beautiful and feature-rich products for our customers, we never lose sight of ensuring they also make life easier and more efficient,” said Lui. “As we continue to evolve towards a fully smart home-enabled range, we welcome the potential that ConnectLife represents.”

Hisense 120″ trichroma laser tv series l9h
Hisense 120″ TriChroma Laser TV Series L9H | Image: Hisense

A special shoutout has to go to the brand’s efforts in the home cinematic space. In particular, the 2023 TriChroma Laser TV Series L9H blew me away with its new levels of colour thanks to its three Pure-Colour Lasers. Coming in either a 100″ or 120″ option, the Series L9H is perfectly paired with the ambient light-rejecting (ALR) screen which means you don’t have to kill the lights to enjoy quality visuals. Equipped with Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision HDR, if you have the space and want to get the theatre experience from the comfort of your own home, then this is definitely worth a look.

While we might not all live in a waterfront beach property on the gorgeous coast of Malabar, I’m keen to start building my own Hisense Home. If you are too, check out the full 2023 range and release dates on the Hisense website.

Hisense Home
Barry Du Bois hosting the Hisense Home event | Image: Hisense

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