Home Moonshine Still

If you have an excise license and have ever wondered if you could make your own alcohol, a home whisky still from the Whisky Still Company is a good place to start. Whether you are making homemade whisky or experimenting with different alcohols, the home whisky still offers a large diversity in distillation, including whiskey, scotch, rum, bourbon, cognac, schnapps, tequila, vodka, and of course, moonshine. The still is a handmade 100% copper, old onion design construction with a built-in thermometer and a three-turn condenser coil. While moonshine has its dangers (as does alcohol consumption), unlike some stills which run the risk of poisoning, the construction is lead-free, using brass and tin soldering to weld it together. For a decent amount of home-made moonshine, a 5 gallon model would be the most suitable, costing $420 USD.

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