Backed by the Norse Gods: The Victorinox Outrider 17

With all the cheap pocket knives available it’s easy to forget the prestige of owning a genuine Swiss army knife. That’s where Victorinox comes in. Victorinox is the maker of the original Swiss army knife, and it wants to give you that exhilarating feeling that comes with owning something special. In this case, it’s a limited edition Outrider 2017 Swiss army knife.

victorinox outrider limited edition damast

Limited to a run of 5,000, the Outrider includes 10 functions such as clean-cutting scissors and a ring for securing a chain or cord. There’s also a sturdy can opener, solid bottle opener and a long, small Phillips screwdriver perfect for reaching screws in awkward places. The sharp punch & reamer is ideal for use on fabrics, leather and even hardwoods and other hard-wearing materials.

victorinox hunting knife

The centrepiece of this special edition is its 85-millimetre long blade made of exceptional corrosion and wear-resistant Damascus steel. The blade is fashioned from high-purity steels and each guarantees outstanding cutting performance. The combination of these alloys in a total of 115 layers of finely honed steel produces an impressive hardness of around 60 HRC, not to mention the captivating “Odin’s eye” Damascus pattern. The name of this pattern reflects a central theme of Norse mythology – Odin’s quest for wisdom.

Victorinox hunting knife limited edition 2017

The serial number of each knife, between 0001 and 5000, is laser engraved on the rear of the scale, next to the punch & reamer. The blade is complimented with black Epicurean scales with sequential numbering. The metallic Victorinox emblem is inlaid in the front scale.

Outrider comes in stylish gift packaging that incorporates a window and a holding magnet for display and also includes a certificate and a detailed description of this functional treasure. The Victorinox Outrider Limited Edition 2017 pocket knife is available now. It’s incredibly useful in many scenarios, but we know you will only use it for the bottle opener.

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