Barebones Kitchen 10″ Cast Iron Set

As you might be aware, we’re in love with online retail hub Huckberry and their focus on genuinely artisanal brands and products. Hence, when Huckberry says a cookware set “might just be the best they’ve ever their laid hands on”, we pay attention. The product in mention is a 10″ Cast Iron Set from Barebones Kitchen, which exudes pure craftsmanship, brilliant design and no-frills simplicity to the utmost degree. Take the set into the kitchen or out to the woods and expect a lifetime of fantastic results.

cast iron skillet

The name is Barebones and the cast iron set accordingly excels at keeping things beautifully basic. It consists of a skillet, dutch oven, one lid that matches both pots, and a wooden trivet. Accessories include a cleaning mesh and seasoning paste. The inside of the skillet and dutch oven are pre-seasoned and triple sanded for a supremely smooth surface. An ergonomic nesting design allows the cookware to stack efficiently and store easily. The use of 100% cast iron on the cookware means these babies are built to last. In fact, Barebones is so confident in their product that the set comes backed by a lifetime warranty.

Aside from an affordable price point and the nifty ergonomic design, the Barebones 10″ Cast Iron Set lets the material do most of the talking. That’s with good reason, since quality cast iron offers a low melting point and formidable resistance to wear. Plus, Huckberry vouches for the set and those guys truly know craftsmanship when they see it. If they love it, surely you will too.

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