Barneys is Selling Weed Accessories

For Americans who want to demonstrate their superiority to other Americans, there’s no place like Barneys New York, the luxury department store that is synonymous with class, elegance, and looking down noses. But like all good companies, Barneys is always looking to innovate and push into new retail areas. Hence their new venture, The High End, in its Beverly Hills location.

Leaving aside the confusing question of the store still being called Barneys New York when it’s in Beverly Hills, The High End is an exciting new development in the world of luxury goods. It is a head shop. What is a head shop? I don’t really know, I think it is drug slang and I don’t know anything about that. But what I am sure of is that The High End is now THE place to go for gobsmackingly expensive marijuana accoutrements.

Want a silver vape pen? A USD$950 bong? A USD$1475 pot grinder? Barneys has you covered every which way. It’s all at The High End, and it’s all intoxicatingly extravagant.

Head shops are planned for Barneys’ other California locations, and in New York itself, if that state stops dragging its feet on drug law reform. But for those of us in less glamorous climes, hit up to purchase the finest cannabis accessories that the upper class has to offer.