Become a Self-Sufficient Urban Man with the SOG Baton Q1

Many of us remember the days where the Leatherman or Swiss Army knife was an integral part of a man’s pocket of accessories, a collection of useful day-to-day tools all grouped together in one handy, interconnected set. And then a number of things happened, like having a bunch of tools in your pocket or belt wasn’t exactly cool anymore; or travelling with it on an airplane suddenly became a security concern; or smart phones became capable of almost the exact same things. This useful tool suddenly needed to evolve.

sog baton q1 by herrington catalog

And that evolution has resulted in the SOG Baton Q1 Urban Multi-Tool, a leatherman-style tool that has been combined into a sleek, paired-down everyday tool for a man on the go in the big city. Rather than weighing down your pocket with a number of tools you will hardly use, if ever, the SOG Baton Q1 only has 4 accessories: a pen, scissors, a bottle opener and a flathead screwdriver, which are regularly needed in most busy, social men’s lives. The tool is also TSA compliant, so you won’t have to think twice before flying with it. And it’s also incredibly lightweight at a mere 2.4 ounces, so pockets won’t be weighed down with it, when you consider you’re probably also carrying a wallet, a cell phone and keys in there as well.

sog baton q1 multi tool id1001 cp

With the SOG Baton Q1 Urban Multi-Tool in your back pocket, you’ll be even more self-sufficient in your everyday life.

Check it out

sog baton q1 urban multi tool pen

sog baton q1 four tool urban multi tool id1001 cp

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