The Birdhaus from OTHR Is Worth Tweeting About

New York-based manufacturers OTHR are dedicated to selling a range of 3D printed products that have minimal impact on the environment. Partnering with top designers, they create useful and aesthetically-pleasing objects that are Earth-friendly. Since the objects are 3D-printed, each item is designed specifically for each client, and nothing is made unless it is needed. This philosophy means no excess waste or unnecessary warehousing of products is caused.

the birdhaus from othr body view

This subtle reinvention of the classic birdhouse is currently available in both matte black and gloss white 3D printed porcelain, with each edition individually numbered. One of the latest items offered by OTHR, this unique concept was designed by Swedish architect Claesson Koivisto Rune. The idea for the Birdhaus came from the idea that birds help to naturally control pests, reducing reliance on harmful pesticides and chemicals (apparently, one bird can eat up to 3,500 a day, making birds a natural bug repellent for a home or garden.)

the birdhaus from othr side look

The Birdhaus is, in short, a fun, modern take on the classic backyard birdhouse. Consisting of an outer and inner shell, which separate for easy cleaning and maintenance, it’s a great way to add some life to a small garden or balcony, all the while helping the environment. Because each Birdhaus is made to order, they’re individually created and numbered to reflect each client’s participation.

the birdhaus from othr color

the birdhaus from othr outlook

the birdhaus from othr review

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