You Can’t Truly Experience Red Wine Without A Riedel Decanter

Unless you’re drinking a vintage red wine, there’s absolutely nothing refined about keeping in its original bottle. Same goes for aged whisky. But still, an aged, expensive drink would look infinitely more appealing in an elegant glass decanter.

That’s where Riedel comes in. Riedel, the Austrian design firm, has launched a new range of sleek and alluring decanters that would look right at home in a gallery. Instead, each piece is here to improve the aesthetic of your home and the flavours of your wines.

fatto a mano amadeo decanter by riedel

The choice of a new decanter should go beyond which shape or style you like best as each decanter is designed to improve wines and extend their lifespan once uncorked. For instance, the coils and curvature of the Curly Decanter help to “charge” and aerate wine. The twists of the decanter form a soft and playful spiral, with a closed “tail end” and wider spout for easy pouring.

The design of the Ultra Magnum Decanter is a nod to tradition, with its swooping curves and broad base. The size of this decanter makes it perfect for young wines, as it offers a large surface area for the wine to be exposed to oxygen after decanting.

dekanter mamba fatto a mano schwarz

My personal favourite – The mouth-blown, handmade Mamba, the latest design by Maximilian J. Riedel, which is redolent of a sleek mamba snake. As the wine flows through each bend, it is double-decanted, achieving something that what would take hours of decanting in a typical bowl-shaped carafe.

riedel ultra single decanter 2400/14

That’s a small study of the collection which comprises of over 10 new designs. Several of the new decanters are available now while the others launch over the coming months. The decanters aren’t cheap, but if you’re the type of person who seeks vintage wine or aged whisky’s than price isn’t your biggest concern. It’s flavour.

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