Creepy AF Skull-Shaped Gas Fireplace Logs

Are you looking for something to spice up your next Halloween Party? Or to freak out your friends or girlfriend the next time they come over to your place? There is no better way to scare people than with Skull Gas Fireplace Logs. With these gruesome logs, you can fool your friends into thinking that you slaughtered a couple of your family members. These logs look just like real charred human skulls. When your guests see them, they will-will surely make a break for the nearest exit.

These logs are about the size of human skulls, which make them look very realistic. They were also hand-painted by three generations of designers. Manufactured out of tough, heat-resistant ceramic over steel and are coated with lava granules, the Skull Gas Fireplace Logs can take temperatures of up to 3000-degrees Fahrenheit before they melt. This is the same material that NASA tests rocket engines on so you can count on them lasting a while.

 fireplace is a structure made of brick

Great for outdoor firepits and liquid propane fireplaces, these gas fireplace logs will surely spice up any fire. You can get these logs in black, brown or white. They are designed to be used with either propane or natural gas and measure about 9-inches long. The manufacturer guarantees these gas fireplace logs for life. So, if they ever do melt, you can get them replaced or get your money back.

We dare you to try these logs out at your next campfire, barbeque or Halloween party. Let us know how freaked out people get when you do!

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