Cutthroat Kitchen Knives Get Personality with Graffiti Collection

For chefs, knives are indispensable. High quality is a must, and performance has to be top shelf. With such an emphasis on function, the form often goes overlooked. That results in all knives looking basically the same. But not all chefs are the same, and sometimes you want your tools to reflect your personality—or at least have some personality. Cutthroat Knives has introduced a set of knives that do just that with their new graffiti collection.

Cutthroat Knives

Australia-based Cutthroat Knives has partnered with world-famous graffiti artist INSA to give their knives a little flair. That partnership also coincides with the 15 anniversary of INSA’s iconic “Heel” pattern. That pattern has appeared on walls, watches, clothing, furniture, and more. Now that pattern is appearing on the handles of Cutthroat’s knives. The pattern is done in three exclusive colorways—Spectre Grey, MTL Sunset, and Classic—one for each knife. The sets include a 6” Bunka knife, a 10” K-Tip Kuchenmessser, and an oyster knife. The handles are made of resin.

Cutthroat Knives Graffiti

The Bunka knife is shaped like a cleaver with a bit of a point in the front. It’s used for working with vegetables, fish, and meat without bones. The handle is made so that you can fit it comfortably in your hand or use a pinch grip. The Kuchenmesser is the multi-purpose knife of the kitchen, and sees the most use. The high tip of the blade makes this knife perfect for rock chopping and for slicing. The Oyster knife may seem like an odd choice, but there’s no denying how cool it looks. Used to crack open oysters, the knife actually looks like it would be a prohibited weapon—it has two finger rings on it that make it look like it is a set of brass knuckles with a knife on the end. As such, Cutthroat Knives has “been told in no uncertain terms that we are legally not permitted to sell this knife, and we do not want to put our customers in the position where they break the law by owning one.” The available knives, the Bunka and the Kuchenmesser, sell for $940 and $980 respectively.

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Cutthroat chefs Knives Graffiti

Cutthroat Knives Graffiti handle

Cutthroat Knives Graffiti